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Dental Practice Funding

Do you have a dental practice and are you looking to establish even better sales and have happier customers? Dental practice lending is what will help you to take your business dreams and bring them closer to reality. While you can accomplish a lot on your own with the right education and determination, having an outside financial company helping you to eliminate financial burdens will do great things for your practice.

US50 CAPITAL LENDERS GROUP help to provide dental office lending necessary to remove financial limitations and enable your business to grow and thrive.

Dental Practice Funding & Dentistry Small Business Funding 

With a dental practice, there are so many financial options that you can pursue to improve your business structure, increase sales, find more clients, and more.


If your dental office has taken on debt in the form of a bank financing or other lending, your current situation may not always make it easy to make the monthly payments. By refinancing, you can adjust your current funding situation to consolidate debt and free up cash to use in other sectors of your practice.


It’s not always easy to get a loan from a bank if you don’t meet a strict set of financial criteria.  make it easy to get funding to help your business. Meeting our criteria is very easy and we accept most businesses looking to grow or save their business.


If your business is doing well and needs to expand or you want to expand to push sales even higher, then using an outside provider to finance the transition will make your life easier and stress free. By letting lenders capture a small portion of credit card sales in the future, you can have your entire office expansion funded in no time.


Technology will continue to improve every single year. Some industries advance further and at quicker rates than others, but no industry is immune from the advancements of technology. This can be both an amazing and stressful situation for dental practice owners. While you and your clients get to enjoy better equipment, you have to be able to find the funding necessary to purchase or upgrade equipment.

Do you need additional financing or funding for your dental practice? Impact Lending  Services will help you to find the solution to any financial limitation that is holding you back from achieving the success you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let a simple cash-flow problem hold you back!

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