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 Aerospace Service Business Financing

US50 CAPITAL LENDERS GROUP  provides financing solutions to a broad spectrum of the global aerospace value chain, including operators of commercial and business aircraft. Our aviation financing services can help you finance the services you provide to meet your corporate goals.

Securing adequate financing is a vital part of nearly every successful aerospace service business. Traditional banks and lending agencies aren’t accustomed to meeting the unique financing needs of the aerospace sector. Fortunately, our partners can help.

When you need capital for your aerospace business operation, we can help you obtain the money you need to pay for equipment, inventory or marketing campaigns. Whether you need additional personnel to increase market share, pay your taxes or finance long overdue repairs, aerospace business financing is what we do best.

We understand that aerospace businesses seldom meet the strict financing guidelines of traditional lenders. Not only will they require additional collateral and personal guarantees before making a loan to an aerospace business, most traditional sources of financing won’t even consider loaning money to an aerospace operation. Even if they do consider your application, you can expect lots of paperwork and long delays.

Merchant Cash Advances

If you’re in the aerospace business, you know that sometimes you need ready access to capital. We have the capability to advance funds to an aerospace business via merchant cash advances based on past earnings and future revenue projections. The funding application process is much simpler and funding time is much faster. Moreover, we don’t impose restrictions on how the funds can be used. We trust your ability to guide your aerospace business into the future.

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